The Glowing Girl Free Week of Coaching

Wellness should work for you, not against you.

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Not too long ago this was me, and let me know if this sounds like you too.

+ I was sick of counting calories and couldn’t figure out the perfect macro ratio to get my dream body. 

+ I didn't know how to listen to my body because I was too busy trying to figure out if I should be vegan, paleo or keto.

+ No matter what I ate, I was still experiencing digestive issues and my skin seemed to react the same.

+ I couldn’t figure out how to keep the extra weight off unless I consistently did excessive cardio or HIIT.

+ I woke up in the morning not feeling fully rested and my stress levels became hard to manage.

Whats included in the Glowing Girl Group Coaching?


You will get a sneak peak into The Good Balance nutrition philosophy. We will go over ways to support digestion, glowing skin and hormone balance. You'll learn how to choose food that makes you feel your best. 


We will learn the importance of developing a consistent self-care practice and how to incorporate mindfulness into your everyday routines. 

TGB Habits

Get an introduction to creating a lifestyle you have always dreamed about. The Good Balance programs are focused on lifestyle balance. Learn how to develop healthly sustainable habits that will change your life. 


Hi, I’m Mackenzie.


I’m the founder of The Good Balance, a certified nutrition coach and wellness expert.

I’ve studied integrative nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine theory, worked with mentors to nail down timed nutrition, macro counting and tested out every cleanse under the sun.


It all changed for me when I started implementing my nutrition training in a way that was supporting my body instead of restricting.

I’m here to show you that it’s not all about what you eat and how you move. It is about changing your mindset, supporting your body and curating a lifestyle that makes you happy.

This FREE opportunity is right for you if:

You're tired, frustrated and BUSY. 

Maybe you’re a boss babe too and you don't have time to spend endless hours in the kitchen prepping meals that fit into your diet plan.

You want to make self-care a priority but that sounds next to impossible with your busy schedule

You crave the ability to spend more time living your life, growing your business and spending more time with your loved ones instead of worrying about how to feel better.


Your digestive, skin + hormone issues have you wanting to GIVE UP.

You know that stress is causing your mind-body to be out of whack and even though you eat healthier than anyone else you know, you still cant seem to loose the extra fat.

Does it feel like everyone is telling you something different? I know how this feels, at one point I was so stressed out about what to eat that I would just skip meals. 

Im going to teach you how you can still eat foods you love and why skipping meals is bad for your hormones. 


Calorie restricting isn't working for you anymore. 

Here's the deal; extreme calorie restricting for too long actually can make you fat- not to mention leave you with more problems than you started with (skin issues, digestive problems and hormone imbalances). 

You're going to learn how to ditch fad diets for good and still keep a body you love.