How to support daily detox + Free Mini Detox E-book

You’ve all heard the words DETOX before and you’ve probably ran for the hills.

Some of you know extreme detoxes aren’t always necessary and sometimes they can be harmful.

Let’s decode what detox really means and how our bodies do it naturally everyday:

1. The large intestine moves digested food, toxins and chemicals.

Toxins: preservatives, pesticides and chemicals in food, household products, personal hygiene and beauty products.

2. The liver converts toxins and sends them out to be excreted through waste with the help of the kidneys through sweat or urine/bowel movements (detox pathways).

If detox pathways are closed, toxins will get stuck in the lymph.

3. The lymph also sends toxins to the liver and large intestine.


Symptoms of impaired ability to detox:

1. If you're not having a bowel movement within 20-30 minutes after drinking water in the morning then you have poor liver function and/or slow digestion (your liver works the night shift and is hard at work detoxing while your sleeping).

2. Other symptoms of a slow or stagnant liver include: irritability, PMS, digestive upset, headaches, blood sugar issues, brain fog, dark under eye circles, insomnia, weight gain, and so much more.

3. Toxins can leak into the bloodstream from the digestive lining due to slow transient time (poor digestion). This can lead to leaky gut, autoimmune issues, food sensitivities and more.

4. Inability to lose excess fat:

Toxins like to hide out in our fat cells, they do this because it is harder for your body to see and breakdown toxins when they have a protective layer around them.

Our fat cells also create their own hormones and act almost as their own organs. Excess hormones like estrogen also hang out in our fat cells. Individuals whom are overweight are more likely to have estrogen dominance.

5. Hormone imbalances:

The endocrine system is a system of glands and organs that regulate the hormones that affect nearly every function of the body. The endocrine system governs everything from your ability to lose fat, your overall energy throughout the day, your mood, and your sleep.

As you can see supporting your endocrine system and eliminating chemicals that disrupt it are CRITICAL to getting well.

One of the liver’s main functions is to detox excess hormones- that goes for both men and women. If our livers are taxed and not able to work efficiently due to any of the above symptoms, dehydration or accumulation of outside toxins and hormone disruptors in our everyday products then proper hormone regulation is going to be difficult.

As you can see, all of these pieces in the system are all closely related and most times if one piece is off it is only a matter of time before symptoms from imbalance in all areas start appearing.

So what can we do to support our bodies in daily detox?

One way is to get educated about the products we are using on our skin every single day. I made the switch to non-toxic in my beauty, personal hygiene and home products when I learned just how bad conventional products are for our health.

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I’ve decided to partner with this brand as it so aligned with my ethos of TGB and as a wellness expert. If you decide to make a purchase using my link, know that I may receive a commission.

As always I am committed to partnering and sharing only the best brands and only those that I use and love myself.