Ashley P.

“With your layout and plan it didn't feel so impossible like I was setting up myself up for unreachable goals. It was just a matter of eating healthy and taking my supplements. My acne no longer lingers, my hair and nails have been getting stronger and longer and I've been able to sleep at least 8 hours every night. I take a few different vitamins in the morning and instead of drinking countless cups of coffee in the morning I've switched to tea and have grown to love it. I have always had such a hard time breaking bad habits. I'm excited to see where this all lies next year, the year after and so on..“

- Ashley P.

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“Mackenzie Bennett takes passion for fitness and health to a new level. It’s nice through all this health boom there’s one person who makes you feel confident when starting. I’m new to alternative health and a wellness life style and Mackenzie is your girl if you’re looking for some guidance. Would recommend her to anyone and everyone.”

- Michael R.

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Ashley B.

“Mackenzie is awesome! I would recommend her to anyone who wants to change their lifestyle for the better. I came to Mackenzie, because I was experiencing some health issues, and I wanted to change my lifestyle naturally, versus through medication. I followed the protocol she gave me. I changed my diet completely, detoxed my body, by eliminating every toxic product I was using, and exercising regularly. I noticed drastic changes for the better. My moods were enlightening, I had a lot more energy, and the most important thing for me was my anxiety. Who would of known, what you put into your body could effect your every day life. Thanks to Mackenzie, i am living a better healthier life!”

- Ashley B.

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Brandon B

“Mackenzie is hands down the most passionate and knowledgeable person when it comes to health and wellness. She has taught me so many things about my body that I didn’t even know. Most meal plans give you “what” it is and “how much” but Mackenzie will also include”why”. She goes in depth why you should be eating certain foods and what exactly it does to and for your body. “

- Brandon B

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